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Witness the Mess

The Eyes of the Restless

Scatter the hate that the enemy has given
The weapons laid to rest
Compassion forgotten to rotten the lies
The offender is confessed
The mess is for the restless
To be rearranged and gone
Count one more beat in my chest!

I see you through the eyes of the restless
Relentless, creating
There’s no time left but there’s so much to do
There’s so much profusion but there’s nothing for you
I see the eyes of faceless hate!

That is the way how to cope with the issue
Condemnation’s daily fight
Liability, I wish you got no need of lies
The mess is for the restless
A deal of sacrifice
Life has so much to hide

Who are you? – I – I
Who are you? – I – I am weak!
I am nothing!
Who are you? – I – I am crushing!
Who are you? – A witness of progress or a mover of demise?
Hang out and watch the restless fight
To mend your lies
Who are you? – I am nothing! I am crushing!

I see you through the eyes of the restless
Relentless, creating
There’s no time left but there’s so much to do
There’s so much profusion but there’s nothing for you

Purify Me

Purify the lies in me
Make me recognize
I’m gonna enter my thoughts
Clear away the mess
Testify what stays with me
Make me realise
The scope of my conduct
Ready to confess

Face the elaboration
What is worth it?
Be aware of your constitution
What is wasted?
Let it go!

Now I see it, this chaos
So purify me
I don’t need it this way of life
Testify me and purify my sight

I despise the lies in me
I’ll chase them away
I’m gonna clear up the space
Reveal the grounding to see
To all the eyes
I will rise from the ashes
To fight the decay

Noone’s beyond reproach
I predict a mess
For someone’s more or less
Noone’s got the halo
For the ones off-the-hook
I predict perception
Take a look

My Silent Hollow Self

Life helps to array me for only
The serious content
My hollow self’s like a membrane
But it’s sick
Quite nothing is able to pass through quick
Tell me anything worth it, maybe…

There’s only emptiness inside me
No content appropriate
To fill the hollow places inside
I’m overchallenged by culling
But I can’t manage to decide

Think! Think for the hollow selves to fill
Trick the lies and avoid the kill
Follow the sanity lead
Trick the mess and grow the seed

Life is arraying contents for me to swallow
My hollow self to overload
I won’t get asked to agree
I can try to escape
But it seems like there’s noone to follow

Silence is drowning me
While there’s so much to say
So many times
You should have listened
Distraction diluting my way

Think! Think for the hollow selves to fill
Trick the lies and avoid the kill
Follow the sanity lead
Trick the mess and grow!

Construe the Last Word

Now the day has come
It comes as a salvation
Now all the work is done
It needs no explanation
There’s one last word for the assemblage to absorb
This word ceases to be heard
So the lesson is taught

And now the day is over
The world is blown to smoke
No awareness ever shown
No struggle ever stoked
There’s one last word left for us all to recognize
Imagine there’s a bird
That will guide us through demise

Face me – the shading
Construe the word for the sake of the fading
Construe what’s yet to be done
Don’t play the fake for your laid in
Construe the word
Construe what’s yet to be done

And now nothing but forgotten lands
The smoke has laid itself to rest
So slow it’s falling off our hands
A last breath is leaving my chest
It has come to an end
The lesson is now taught
Noone left to learn – One thought!

You hear what you want to
You take what you can
Construe the last word
Like a course of a dying, fading man

The Louder, the More Right

So the more you numb the rising cons
The more you force all the rising ones
Dump down all your social intercourse
You set up the evil force – and shut the doors

Gather all the minds under your flag
Spread news which have never been checked
You scream to convince
The loudest voice disguise the sins on the back

Silently – necks’ve been broken
By the loudest of screams
Non-violently so many stroken – down
Never heard and never seen

Your words are not worth being spoken or heard
You do anyway
And people obey
The louder, the more right
They receive what you say

The louder, the more right
They receive what you say

Path Ways

Who am I?
Who am I going to be?
Will I manage to follow the path of honesty?
Am I able to see?
It’s a serious matter to me

What’s the way to avoid a splintered backbone
All time to preserve my reputation
What’s the way to spend life as a good man?
There’s not only me to understand

There’s times where I hate me
But I’ll work out and proceed
There’s nothing else for me
Elaboration to avoid the deceit

I just keep up with the path straight
I chain the traces I find
I can see the light
I chain these places to a life

The first step on this path
Feels like honesty to me
To walk this path straight is like honesty to see

I try to keep my eyes straight up to the front
Not distracting myself
I am there to respond
I try to live
And walk this path at once
But the strain will pay out
It’s there to respond


I got tremendous attempt
i'm not gonna waste too much of my time
to sharpen all of my life's profile
to assign the world with a stamp of mine
you got an eye on yourself
you're not gonna leave it all behind
set your alarm if you'd lie to your eye
don't dare to deny

I return aware
I hate what it takes from me
The conscience proclaimed: This is not right!
I know so well
I will hate what it takes to see
It's just a dream to me

I am aware of someone watching
He will recognize my faults, my lies
My dreams are also seen
A good demon starts to rise
I'm not gonna forget what he told me
Building up my conscience
Where I feel better off listening
The real demon's got to hold me

Conscience seems to be unknown - empathy is gone!
Restless fight, the undertow - ignorance second to none!


Who is the one - calling the shots today?
Face the channelised interests though - they're trivial - prosperity-caused
Resentment rising, drifting, afflicting mid-society
Envy triggers the chain of breeding anxiety. The undertow is forced!

Go out and feel like shit!
Go out and deal with it!

Seems like I walk the crowded road to solitude
I walk by your side!
I don't see the clouded road into the light
Seems like I can't remain - my fortitude

Who is the one - calling the shots tomorrow?
Hostile bleeding around though - significant- disparity-caused
bitterness breeded, see it! Inequity rising, a drifting war is seeded
One could figure - the undertow is needed

Keep calm and remember it
The awareness of being alive
Go out and deal with it!
No right to obey!

Dark Project

Once a day not far away from home
My brother, I saw you on the road
A salesman in your age
And this is where my race was seen
I knew – much longer peace and harmony
Don‘t ask me why I can’t sleep
I can the nation see – we’re into deep

I need the project
Let’s kill these gods of hate
And I‘ll do my project
I’m fighting against the war
But now I give you a mark
You can never let fall down
You can never let fall down

Everybody feels so abused
I guess I must relieve
The masses from the rest
If they really mean, what we’re listening to
Hold him on and do I

I don’t care of what we deserve
I only care about destroying the dreams
Of some men
Who danger everyone
In fact – We are the gods of hate
The gods of hate

Realise the Scope

Loud Blood

Please don’t ruin the world by your „making-conclusions-too-fast“
Please think for yourself, avoid mistakes from the past
Just swallow down your rageforms on an increasing business
Tv creates opinions with legitimation of the masses

Heroes and scapegoats an inch away
Take one step aside and be one for yourself

Just listen
Loud blood is screaming
Loud shot has my attention again
Ruled by exaggeration

It seems hilarious to me
All their forces to see
Just leave me blindfolded here
I hate to face all your fear
Draw your pictures on your own
By using the news
By using your skills
Without your confidence to loose

It is you, your turn for the good

There’s a maelstrom downwards
In this world of our today
Give a hand to the fallen who have been torn away
You try to give that hand, there is a chance to rejoin
You have done your obligation
And someone flips the coin

Just listen
Loud blood is screaming
Just listen
Loud blood is screaming again on me

Tainted Reputation

To face the news from around the world
Followed by hopes and expectations
A Scapegoat is what all these people look for
Followed by hate and condemnation
People require a solution: Immediately turn black into bright
It’s a choice between bad and worse, each for themselves, out of their own sight

They rise and fall with their terms of office
They lie at all, like no rule of justice

We have lost the ability to aproach an open mind
You have to try to emphasize yourself, for everyone with this open mind

An established system is slowly crumbling into dust
All confidence dissappears, there’s no one to trust
Only a breath of clue by these wise and clever men
Never more than real politicians is what they can

They satisfy no expectation
They got a tainted reputation
It kills every moment of rest

Modern Age Attention Seeker

You turn yourself inside out
It’s your own sensation you just put out loud
Transparent is the life that you chose
An inherent desire to get up on toes

You put the lights on yourself – hot shit! Admirable!
You hit the right spot
Your’re great and different – unique like (as) inherent
You determine the plot

Dare to – come on and follow me inside

You left behind live’s profound contents
You’re now rising, getting weaker – You are a modern age attention seeker

Here you are
Ready to go and ready to win
You abuse your impact and underrate your grown responsibility
You got caught in the act

What a nerve-wrecking force you are!
What a shit-spreading source you are!

How boring can you even spend your life?
It seems contentless to me – it makes no sense to me
Come on and feed it, come on and join me inside
You will see
Come on and feed it, I’ll show you the inside

The goal is to be known by everyone
Not for the sharpness of your senses
Not for your heroic strength
It’s hardly ever there

Drown in Your Own Mind

There was a hate that I never felt before
The requirement was a never open door
Involvements in rage were unequal relationships
Like a child that cries along

That day
Tell me what you see inside
There’s desperation for relief

Before the sky has a new dawn
See the fearless fall will come
Fear, drown in your own mind
The sense you‘ve never had, lost

All these pictures in your head sinking slowly down, I know
Led by sickness but you only fall
Sometimes, sometimes even you cry
So see the signs, it’s your last goodbye

Before the sky has a new dawn
See the fearless fall will
Now your sense is
Fear, drown in your own mind
The sense you ever had, lost

A Matter Of A Coward

Crawl out of splinters, get out of the ruin
Got hit in your shelter, a victim of sin
A rage-soaking mind aspiring after revenge
Totally weak, there’s only fists to clench

We‘re trying to remain on the route of defense
We‘re trying to explain what is just insane

Eluding, avoiding to fight
But you don’t have to hide
Refusing these lives to ignite
The matter of the coward is fight

A high wire act, the narrowest trail
Create an alliance and peace not to fail
Keep triggers calm, there’s another way
Aim for the smartest act, don’t let history replay

The matter oft he coward is the matter to fight
The matter of myself is the matter to fight
I fight a different way!

Realise the Scope
Where the Bright Light Shines

Fear and pain of war, depressing insecurity
Growing paranoia, they got this uncertainty
And suddenly from nowhere death tears apart
Innocent entities, no inhibition, no law

For fear of losing all what they‘ve got
They steer only for new shores
So far from what we can comprehend
Where we are claiming more

Here we are – where the bright light shines
Fear will – seem left behind
You are – welcome in our lives
So far – the suffering keeps preying on my mind

Break the rules
Religious borders got desolved in the sand
This to admit is a sign of strength
Oh what struggle you’ve gone through
We still can’t comprehend
But believe doesn‘t equal lawlessness
This holy war is nothing less than a torture

People fuck up this world
Dead or alive
They sacrifice themselves
with the paradise in sight

Life Wheel

My heart might be free, never gets convicted
My heart might bother, would dare this ever
Let this heart fly, it might get addicted
What it catches I will live of forever

It’s collecting values from a common wealth
From fading souls, from dying men
Words of wisdom, so artfuly said
Prefered to reject and deadly paid

Well is it worth it to defy my faith
You can watch my hope grow, fight and hate
Well is it worth it to make a sacrifice
To clear the world from all these cries

It’s collecting values from a common wealth
From rising stars, from newborn men
Words of wisdom, so artfuly said
Prefered to reject and deadly paid

Let my heart fly, make it feel, see my life wheel
Don’t force someone to be a shadow of himself, just see this life wheel

That’s all I got for this time
I keep this place as it used to be mine

Let my heart fly, make it feel, see my life wheel
Don’t force someone to be a shadow of himself, just see this life wheel
Don’t force someone on his knees, make him free, and see this life wheel
Let my heart fly, make it feel, you see my life wheel

Pacing, Gathering and Spreading

Some get pleased by success
Whatever they may do
Some are never blessed, they risign, whatever they do
But I got pleased by someting else, it’s almost a little awkward

We’re pacing, gathering and spreading
We’re facing the purpose, avoid to rest
Convinced, that all this struggle is not useless
This rage leads us right into this compulsive mess

Again and again you inspire me with confidence
This helps me so much
I sense you to be within my reach
I just can’t touch

It’s all gathered in faithfulness
People can always die
People can always be suprised
People can always die

Replay The Scenes

Is it the life that I beg to watch me
What it’s like to repeat within
It’s a depression, pushed it under my skin
Seen as the other grounds of sin
When will your time begin, will I ever know the point
Shift it back, so the first is the last one
You know this won’t be the question of my enmity
Would there be a choice, I am here disappeared

Replay the scenes from yesterday
I fell asleep the picture fades
Tomorrow will be slave of mine
If time is lost who is defined?

And now this big question of my enmities
What will be your choice I hear your voice again and disappear
From this world and put back to the same
Will we belong together forever, you and me?

Someday when all the dreams escape, too long the ways to go
Someday the roots will breed itselves be confident the long way

Replay the scenes from yesterday!
I fell asleep the picture fades!

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